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Stalker romantasy

A Rose with Thorns

Stalker romantasy

A Rose with Thorns


It’s a dark fantasy I couldn’t resist.
I need what everyone else has, freedom and safety. But I want more, so much more.

And as it seems my darkest wish has been answered by this masked man who follows me, lurking in the shadows, watching me and knowing what I dream of.

I should have been careful what I longed for. I know that and still, I don't run. I wait for him… My shadow. Like a clipped rose waiting to be plucked and taken.
But I wasn’t prepared for what he wanted in return…


Genre: Dark stalker romance with a fantasy twist



~domestic abuse 

~cheating (not by the Hero)


~SA (not by the Hero)

~fire and wax play

~horn play



Forced Desires series


Forced Desires series



The discreetly bundled edition of the 'Forced Desires series'


Going home during summer break should have been a relaxing moment, but when I saw Carter's bag at the door, I realized everything would change. After years of missing him, my step-brother has finally come home.

But what I didn't expect, that he would force his desires on me, leaving me no escape as he teaches me to love what his touch brings.


Genre: Erotica
~noncon/dubcon/cnc play
~age gap
~forced proximity
~dirty talk (degradation and praise)


A hot and spicy night that changes everything!

Follow Emily as she dances the night away and meets her handsome stranger. 


'A Hot and Spicy Night' is the short prequel to 'Hello Kitten'

Gerne: Erotica

Two broken souls destined to meet.

Taken from my damaged life by the one that called me his mate. A mate who should protect and cherish me but only wanted my submission. A mate that soon haunts my nightmares.

There's no escaping him, or this bond between us, even when I started to think of another. Falling for the one I should fear. A man with a deranged wolf.

Genre: fantasy romance, fated mates with a twist.