Choosing my mate, my king


They say you shouldn't have a favorite, not to choose. But I have to. 


Aurora's story is the one closest to my heart. It was my first written story, the start of the Old Blood series and it is still my number one!




Aurora is done waiting for her mate and is ready to take matters into her own hands, ready to take the next step and claim her best friend, her Beta, as her chosen mate.


Finally, it is her turn to claim happiness and love. But sadly, her world comes crashing down when his mate stands before them.


Is Aurora doomed to wander this world alone, rule without her mate by her side? Or should she give in, listen to her wolf, and have some fun along the way?


Or will it only lead to more heartbreak?


Coming to Amazon in 2024. 



Aurora's story continues! 

I had to split them up for print because they are so thick! 


Coming to Amazon 2024

It depends how you look at it, but for me this is book 2 of the series. In my mind I don't split them up in different prints, but I had no choice. 


This was my first multiple mate story and god I miss it. 



She finally escapes one monster—and runs right into the domain of another.


Elizabeth takes the risk, fleeing the rogue camp she’s known her entire life. Unwilling to be claimed as the mate of the rogues’ cruel leader Bolton.


She runs in search of freedom and safety, a new place in the world, only to find it all and more.


Elizabeth meets Xander, and they fall hard for each other. Both hoping to build a life together, despite knowing they aren’t fated mates.


Just as the two of them prepare to commit for the rest of their lives, Xander finds out she was never his. She belongs to his best friend, his Alpha. She is destined to be the King’s mate—destined to be Queen of the wolves.


Imprisoned over her love for Xander, can Elizabeth find her way back to her love once more, or is she fated to remain by the side of her mate, King Izaiah?


Coming to Amazon 2025


Spoilers ahead!


Yes, it was a big story! Only slightly bigger than Aurora's story ;) 




Elizabeth has claimed her mate, her king, but her soul reached for another. A man she doesn’t know and fears he works for the Faction.


She tries to fight it, tries to control this pull. However, it seems there is no escaping this growing mate bond. A tether that is created by the moon goddess herself. A tie that keeps tugging until the marking.


A battle that will determine the fate of all wolves.


Can Elizabeth bring her mate into the light and help them win the battle that will determine the fate of all wolves?


Or are they doomed to die as her parents did—Destined to die by the Faction.


Coming to Amazon 2025

Spoilers ahead! 


I was forced to write this one, by my conscience and readers hihi. And I am glad I wrote it! 


It was also my first shorter story! 




Years have passed. Both Izaiah and Elizabeth live in peace with their two pups. However, it doesn’t mind how hard Elizabeth tries, the gaping wound inside her—in her very soul—can never be filled without her second mate.


She keeps hoping Ky will walk inside, pretending nothing has happened, and she would welcome him with open arms—even Izaiah.

He knows now, they were always meant to be together. All three. Bringing all the wolves under one reign.



Elizabeth still believes she can find Ky, not even daring to search for her second chance mate.


Will the moon goddess grant her wish? Or will a new enemy rise, wearing the face of her first love.


Coming to Amazon 2025

The Old Blood series has two shorter stories coming this year and one sequel. I hope I can make it and otherwise the sequel will be moved to 2024. 


I cannot wait for you to read them!